Communisage – Business Development – Marketing – Website Design

Communisage are a distinctive kind of marketing consultant.

That’s because we possess a distinct blend of client-side marketing capability as well as marketing agency experience.

That means we can ascertain exactly what solutions and marketing activities are called for to achieve a particular objective, and afterwards deliver them in an incredibly affordable manner.

Whatever your need may be, Communisage can certainly help you grow your revenues and make it possible for you to use your time much more productively, looking after your business enterprise and not doing the marketing work.

In addition, our company also specialise in powerpoint presentation design coming up with subject matter, structure and the conception of visual aids to make certain that your target audience remember your value proposition and act on it favorably for your gain.

Our solutions feature:

Market Research

Marketing Program Development

Internet-based Marketing – Search Engine Optimisation, web-site design, content marketing strategy, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, weblog management.

Traditional Marketing – Powerpoint presentations, brochures, direct mail, advertisements, corporate identity & brand development, PR & press relations, exhibition organization, sales promos, internal marketing.